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A few of my favourite things ……….

Yesterday I welcomed a new addition to THE NURSE CLINIC ..... The Hospivac 400 Or "Mr Hospivac" as we like to call him. He is a dreamboat ! He is strong, reliable and looks good....

Last minute appointments this weekend

Ear Wax RemovalStep away from the cotton buds ….. step into THE NURSE CLINIC!!2 appointments remain this Saturday 26th June at 9am and 4.15pmBOOK NOW

Tinnitus – What is it?

I have just come across a wonderfully informative video that explains the condition simply. Thank you Specsavers ! Take a look

As I wait patiently …

CQC? Oh yes I hear many managers in Healthcare sigh. I know all about them. CQC - The Care Quality Commission is the Healthcare equivalent to Ofsted. It is crucial for monitoring and assessing many elements of patient care to ensure key areas and aims to inspect...

Just a girl who decided to go for it !

"Am I able to book you again?" ...... " Its nice to see a friendly face" ...... " "Thank you so much, I would pay to see you as I feel so much better after seeing you today"A simple comment made by a patient during one of my relentlessly busy Advance Nurse...

Micro suction Ear Wax Removal Appointments!

Here at THE NURSE CLINIC we are excited to offer a new service. A safe and gentle procedure that involves a minimally invasive suction technique to remove impacted wax. No more discomfort with ear syringing, BOOK ONLINE now at . WE ARE OPEN...


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