“Am I able to book you again?” …… ” It’s nice to see a friendly face” …… ” “Thank you so much, I would pay to see you as I feel so much better after seeing you today”

A simple comment made by a patient during one of my relentlessly busy Advance Nurse Practitioner Urgent Care Clinics in the NHS a few months ago got my mind racing. It wasn’t the first time that a patient had asked to book to see me again but sadly I always have to explain that as a THE LOCUM NURSE www.thelocumnurse.com I was helping out rather than being a regular fixture.

Its was this simple comment that got me thinking about the future of patients accessing GP services. More and more it is proving increasingly difficult to access the simplest services in the NHS. Week after week patients are waiting for services that can improve their quality of life no end. Sadly, demand is outweighing supply. GP Practice is understaffed and overwhelmed. The idea of THE NURSE CLINIC was born. My commitment to the NHS will continue and I plan to work both in the NHS as a locum as well as privately at THE NURSE CLINIC www.thenurseclinic.co.uk

I am looking forward to offering my experience and time to patients on a private basis at weekends within the beautiful setting of BEDFORD CONSULTING ROOMS

Saturday 9-6pm

Ear Wax Removal Micro suction is available to BOOK ONLINE now

The remaining services will be available once CQC have assessed us in the next few months. These services will include:


I am looking forward to this new and exciting adventure. See you soon!

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